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Christiane Bunk gives private lessons in Lobstädt near Leipzig (Saxony, Germany) and online. She is a harp teacher at the Städtische Musikschule Chemnitz and the Musikschule Landkreis Leipzig in Borna and Wurzen.

For my Bachelors I chose an additional pedagogical profile with Prof. Max Koch and Ursula Heins. I startet teaching the harp at the music school „Gottfried Kirchhoff“ Bitterfeld-Wolfen, at the „Kreismusikschule Helmstedt e.V.“ and the “Neue Musik Leipzig e.V.“ during my studies in Leipzig. I was asked several times to be part of the jury at the national youth competition „Jugendmusiziert“ for Harp solo and ensemble .

In my atistical Masters at the „Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart“ I focused on pedagogical courses. For example pedagogy, physiology for music teachers and harp methodology.

I completed my pedagogical formation with a Master’s Degree in instrumental pedagogic at the „Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover“. In my studies, I specialised in elemental improvisation with and without a harp.

In addition, I’m always in touch with colleagues for pedagogical topics and participate in further education by the „Verband deutscher Musikschulen“ and by the „Verband der Harfenisten in Deutschland e.V“.

  • Learning the harp without reading score
  • Free improvisational learning
  • Song accompainment
  • Irish Folk Music
  • Preparation for competition and studies
  • Technical extension or refresher
  • Classical repertory
  • Orchestra literature
  • Workshops and chamber music

Different types of harps were founded during the last centuries.

The Celtic harp or lever harp or Irish harp is still a popular folk instrument in Brittany, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. It is one of the smaller and cheaper harps, which is not only an instrument for children, but also for adults who like the clear and Celtic sound.

The single-action harp or german folk harp is still played a lot in Bavaria. It is the perfect instrument for talented children who already play advanced literature but are still too small for the grand harp. The german folk harp is played by students and adults who prefer the volume and warm sound, but who will not play in an orchestra.

The tallest harp is the concert grand or double action harp, which is played in orchestras all over the world. All three harp types can be played with the same technic. If the child is tall enough and if he or she likes to play the advanced classical repertory or in the orchestra, a concert grand is necessary.

You can get harps new and second-hand or rent them. Some harp makers also offer a rent-buy-combination. I will assist you to find a harp for you.

Contact me for further information or a free trial lesson!

It can be held in German or English. I do also speak French.